Ciao, Italia! Risottos Menu

A class perfect for a date night (or come as a single to learn the tricks). Risotto is a one-pot meal that two can make in the kitchen — and nothing is sexier, we say, than cooking with your beloved.

Stir the pot while you sip wine and nibble bruschetta. (The secrets are all in the pre-prep which you'll learn in class, like how to use a chef's knife like a pro, how to premake a classic dessert, & more).

While we list this class as vegetarian, we'll use chicken stock in the risottos unless we hear from you (in the comments section at signup) that you request veggie stock instead. We'll happily accommodate!

  • Basic knife skills taught
  • Vegetarian
  • Wheat-free welcome with advance notice
  • Not dairy-free
Thu, Feb 06



Please no one under age 18 without prior permission