Hipcooks Assistant Program

Take Hipcooks classes for free & be involved in the Hipcooks Community! When you participate in the popular Hipcooks Assistant Program, we’ll trade you Hipcooks Classes! 

To qualify to become a Hipcooks Assistant, you must have taken at least one class with us in the past. (That way, you are acquainted with the environment and know what you are getting into.)

In addition, we ask that you’re a dependable sort – if you sign up for a spot, we’re counting on you to show up and to work responsibly.

What we ask from our assistants:

A Hipcooks Teaching Assistant arrives 30 minutes before class begins and usually remains about 30-45 minutes after class ends.

Help students get situated if they arrive late for a class and the teacher has already begun.

Be the teacher's right-hand during class. The teacher will request from you small tasks like passing the teacher a pan (or a spatula, or an ingredient), taking something to the dishwashing area, turning on the kettle.


Help the teacher keep the Teaching Island clean and organized. This usually happens during the breaks students take to eat, but can also happen during class.

Washing dishes during and after class. Student dishes, flatware, and glassware are for the dishwashing machine, but there are plenty of pots, pans and equipment that gets hand-washed, especially after the class ends.

Helping with end-of-class tasks, to get the Hipcooks Studio ready for the next class. This includes things like sweeping, taking out the garbage, refilling the canister for filtered water, etc.

What we give our assistants!

            Every new assistant will get a mini-orientation for their first shift. 

We feed our assistants with the class food and will usually offer a glass of wine. Also, when you are assisting a class, you’ll “learn” that class. (In fact, many of our assistants prefer to learn a class as an assistant rather than as a student. They’re the “roll-up-their-sleeves-and-get involved-types” … people who prefer to be doing something.) Many Teaching Assistants will sign up to assist a class they’ve already taken as a student as a refresher, others like to sign up for all-new classes. Assistants will receive the recipes and instructions for each class they assist in their My Hipcooks page.

In addition to learning, tasting, and receiving recipes for the class they’re assisting, Hipcooks Assistants will earn 1 (free) Hipcooks Class for every 3 classes they assist. (Available upon request, as a Gift Certificate.)

Hipcooks Teaching Assistant Appreciation Parties! We love our Assistants so much that twice a year we’ll shut down our studios and throw them a party. Food, drink, community and prizes are awarded as thank-yous! It’s a blast to connect with us, other Teaching Assistants, and the community as a whole. Good Times! We’ll also throw our assistants some perks from time-to-time, like 2 for 1 signups, extra snackie bits, and other lovely treats.

In addition, we’ll often hire from our Assistant Pool for FT and PT jobs within Hipcooks, so the assistant program can be a great way for us to learn about each other and determine if we’re a great fit. 

How it works:

Want to join the pool of Teaching Assistants? Hooray!  Email hipcooks@hipcooks.com a request to be added to the Hipcooks TA Mailing List. Include your name, email, mobile phone number, and the Hipcooks location where you’d like to assist. 

To begin requesting open TA slots on our calendar, simply log in to your MyHipcooks page. You'll have assistant signup access once you are added to the program.  (Because the TA program can be popular, we try to be as fair as possible when honoring requests and “spread the love.”) Directions to log in to your MyHipcooks page are here.

Each month when calendars are posted, we email the entire Teaching Assistant List letting you know that open spots are available! We only ask that once you have stopped participating in the program, that you ask to be removed from the distribution list. (We like to keep our active assistants lists clean, and not send unwanted emails.)