jacks Jayzee

Jayzee (real name!) was raised on Mama's cooking & Food TV! Both cultivated a strong & eclectic relationship with food.

In his spare time, he lovingly tends to his herb garden, makes kombucha, Instagrams his food experiments, perfects his crawfish boil, mixes strong cocktails, & wins eating competitions.

jacks Jen

I love cooking with wine – sometimes I even put it in the food – Julia Child 

In the kitchen since she could hold a spoon, long-time foodie & Hipcooks San Diego Manager Jen finds relaxation at the stove. She rarely makes the same meal twice, doesn’t measure much, and cooks from the heart. She says there's no shame in eating an entire loaf of French bread with a wheel of brie in one sitting. 

jacks Joe

"Everyone can enjoy home-cooked meals at a fraction of the cost of going out. It's a great way to share a part of yourself, & it doesn't have to be fancy or expensive.”"

Joe grew up in a bustling Italian kitchen, a home-cooked meal always on the table. Joe has adapted this tradition to his own busy life, where he makes it a priority to provide fresh meals to his family each day. How does he do it? By being passionate about shopping smart, making-ahead & re-purposing leftovers.

jacks Kekoa

Kekoa was born in Hawaii, raised in the Pacific Northwest, made his way to Miami to be a personal chef, & has been a San Diego resident since 2002. He's always been a foodie, inspired by his Mother, Aunt, Rachel Ray & the Barefoot Contessa.

Kekoa has a relaxed, fun & easy-breezy style when it comes to food. No recipes, lots of fresh ingredients — sound familiar?