jacks Bonny

"Anyone who wants to can be a great cook!" Hipcooks Teacher since 2006, Bonny's heart has always been with food & family kitchens.

Professionally trained as a pastry chef, she loves playing with chocolate. Her sweet side only makes her more passionate about the savory bites of life! Her favorite classes are workshops where you really get to rock out lots of beautiful food. She adores playing with knives. 

jacks Claire

Hipcooks Seattle Manager Claire is a Seattle native, though she attributes her passion for cooking to the 10 years she spent in France and Italy. Claire's got serious chops, with a culinary degree from Le Cordon Bleu in the US and an apprenticeship at the Willows in the San Juan Islands.  But it's her sweet disposition and culinary curiosity that we most love about her. Welcome to Hipcooks Seattle, Claire!

jacks Jen

I love cooking with wine – sometimes I even put it in the food – Julia Child 

In the kitchen since she could hold a spoon, long-time foodie & Hipcooks San Diego Manager Jen finds relaxation at the stove. She rarely makes the same meal twice, doesn’t measure much, and cooks from the heart. She says there's no shame in eating an entire loaf of French bread with a wheel of brie in one sitting. 

jacks Kyrsten

Hipcooks LA Manager & Hipcooks Regional Manager Kyrsten has been with us (her home away from home!) since 2008, though we'd argue she's a born Hipcook. Her easy-breezey, welcoming style comes from her roots, where she was raised amid the gastronomic delights of the Big Apple & the Big Easy. Whether she's spending two days crafting a feast for a special soiree, fridge-diving to whip up a delectable dinner in 15 minutes, or teaching a cooking class, she indulges her inner Hipcook with a smile & a garnish.

jacks Loreal

"Never fear, butter is here!"  

 Hipcooks OC Manager Loreal is in love with butter, her favorite ingredient. A close second: potatoes. Russet, ube (the purple yams), sweet potato, fingerlings. Mashed, gratin, fried.

"You name it, I will eat it. Just add butter!"

jacks Tina

Hipcooks Portland Manager Tina believes she was born to cook for people. She enjoys talking to her ingredients, like the way people talk to their plants.

The first thing Tina remembers making was a PB&J sandwich at age 7. It wasn't up to snuff, so she buttered & grilled it. Better. As an adult, Tina obsesses over soupy noodles, Thai chilies & anything salty. Her goal is to make the ultimate Bun Bo Hue (a traditional Hue Vietnamese spicy noodle dish) & serve it to her parents