jacks Amanda

"Singing while cooking is a must — it makes food taste better!"

Amanda's traditional Southern hospitality is warm and welcoming, her energy infectious. She loves to can & pickle in the summer, makes stews & fresh bread in the winter, and loves to catch, clean & cook her own fish just like her daddy taught her!

When not at Hipcooks, you'll find Amanda singing away, in her own home kitchen and at the Seattle Ladies's Choir.

jacks Bonny

"Anyone who wants to can be a great cook!" Hipcooks Teacher since 2006, Bonny's heart has always been with food & family kitchens.

Professionally trained as a pastry chef, she loves playing with chocolate. Her sweet side only makes her more passionate about the savory bites of life! Her favorite classes are workshops where you really get to rock out lots of beautiful food. She adores playing with knives. 

jacks Loreal

"Never fear, butter is here!"

 It's her favorite ingredient. A close second: potatoes. Russet, ube (the purple yams), sweet potato, fingerlings. Mashed, gratin, fried, covered in salt, cream, sugar. "You name it, I will eat it. Just add butter!"

jacks Monique

Although she's been in culinary careers her whole adult life (working her way through college via catering,  Culinary School and restaurant jobs) Monique feels she's found her true home at Hipcooks. (Hooray for us!)

While she loves the "back of the house," it's the front of the house where she really shines. "The people part — watching the students' eyes light up as they make a dish sing — that's where it's at!"