Mini Chocolate Lava Cakes

We’re so excited about these Chocolate Lava Cakes. They’ll soon become a favorite go-to dessert. They appeal to all because they’re . . . Small . . . Delicious . . .Fast . . . Easy! You’re picturing the best part already, the gooey chocolate center that oozes oh-so-lusciously when you cut into the cake. This is a great class for all ages.

Adults, Adults with children, and Kids solo-ing in the kitchen: you are all invited to this class.

Learn more about this class, see pictures, and check the Ingredients & Equipment List here. 

All of our virtual classes are on Zoom, we'll email you the link the day before class. Have all your ingredients & equipment ready beforehand. 

Would you prefer this class as a Private Session for you and your beloveds? Email us and we'll find the perfect day & time!