How should I come to class? / what should I expect?
I  have a food allergy/restriction. How does this work?
I do not like a particular ingredient/flavor. How does this work?
I’m a total food novice! Is Hipcooks right for me?
May I bring some wine to class? 
I'd like to bring my Hipcooks food home. Is this possible?
May I use my mobile phone during class?
How do I sign up for classes? Do you offer discounts? Can I bring a friend/my spouse to class (just to observe?)
May I bring my child to class? / Do you offer kid's cooking classes?
How do I use a Hipcooks Gift Certificate? 
My credit card keeps getting declined at checkout!
How do I access the Recipes from the Class I tooK?


How should I come to class? / What should I expect?

Please expect a welcoming environment that encourages participation! Hipcooks offers hands-on classes where we cook as a group (not at individual stations), and the meal is shared around a large communal dining table. Every class turns into a spontaneous dinner party of sorts, where we hope you’ll enjoy socializing with people you might not have met otherwise. Some classes are more work-intensive than others, so if you are particular about such things we encourage you to email us and ask about the particulars of a class you’re considering.

You won’t need a notepad since you’ll have access to the recipes after class. The class is for immersing yourself in the experience, and if you have questions afterward we’re always available (by email, too!)

Please come dressed in comfy clothes, especially footwear, as you’ll be standing for large chunks of time. We do provide stools if your feet need a break, and aprons to protect your chic ensembles. If you have long hair, a hair tie is encouraged but not necessary. (We have spare ponytail holders at Hipcooks, feel free to ask for one.) Expect to use your hands, and to wash your hands a ton!

Come hungry, but not starving! It may take up to an hour before you’re enjoying the delicious fruits of your labor. Often, the first course is a light one, in anticipation of both the main course and a dessert – arriving lightly hungry (and not famished) helps you pace yourself.

Come thirsty, but please don’t expect wine right away. We have filtered water and a flavored water (usually mint and lemon water) whenever you need to quench your thirst. However, wine is served with our first dish, as opposed to a welcome drink when you walk in. Wine is served as tasting portions with the meal. Some classes forgo the wine in favor of a paired cocktail…with the same serving time (with the food).

I have a food allergy/restriction. How does this work?

If you have a food allergy (i.e. peanuts), please let us know in advance, when you sign up for class! Please tell us the severity of your allergy — for instance, if you go into anaphylactic shock if you breathe white flour, we’ll most likely recommend a class that uses none instead of making special preparations. We’ll get back to you in short order letting you know that we received your information, and what preparations we’ll put in play so that you can have a safe and enjoyable class. 

For those with gluten and/or dairy allergies (since these are so common), we have a sort feature on our Class Descriptions page that allows you to sort classes with no gluten and/or dairy.

Vegetarians/Vegans/Pescatarians! Please use the sort feature on our Class Descriptions page to find classes right for you. There are also classes that we’ll gladly adapt for you, but we need the advance notice so that we have supplies ready. Without advance notice, we cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to accommodate.

The same goes for a food restriction. Please communicate well in advance! That way, if you have a “blanket restriction” (no olive oil, no butter, no salt, no sugar) we can suggest a class that works since we certainly will not be able to accommodate you in all of our classes.

I do not like a particular ingredient/flavor. How does this work?

Food aversion? No worries! Please let us know in advance to check if we can accommodate. We want to work with you – so if we can easily separate an ingredient (like cilantro!) we will. However, if you abhor spice but sign up for a Thai class, it might be a tricky accommodation and we’d recommend a milder class. Advance communication is key!

A note about avoiding an ingredient vs food allergy: we respect that you might be trying to avoid an ingredient, like white flour. However, it is frustrating when we’ve been carefully separating knives, cutting boards, etc. for a gluten “allergy” only to find out at dessert time that a piece of cake is fine, and the student can make an exception. Please be honest with us, and we’ll work with you as best we can.

I’m a total food novice! Is Hipcooks right for me?

At Hipcooks, we pride ourselves in the ability to teach to everyone! There is always something new and exciting to learn in the food world. We heart food-newbies! With few preconceived notions of how things “should be”, they have the potential for great culinary innovation!

That being said, some of our classes are really wonderful introductory classes for beginners, with a bit of knife skills in each lesson: Cooking 101, Healthy Fresh & Zingy, J'aime Paris, One-Dish Wonders and Don't Cry For Me, Argentina  (to name a few!)

The nice thing about Hipcooks is that you can "try us on." Sign up for a class, and if you like it come back for more. We’re betting on it! Our advice: look at the Class Description section. Read the menus, and the one that makes you salivate the most is the best way to get cookin’!

May I bring some wine to class? 

You are so sweet, but there is no need. We’ve got you covered! We select wines for each class and serve generous tasting-sized pours (usually during first and second courses of the meal). Alcohol consumption is limited at all Hipcooks classes to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

I’d like to bring my Hipcooks food home. Is this possible?

Sorry, but no. Hipcooks is a different facility than a restaurant, and our regulations do not allow prepared food to leave the studio. 

May I use my mobile phone during class?

Of course! If you need to text/receive a phone call, we kindly ask that you step outside or away from the teaching area and do not disturb others. Taking pictures is also fine (provided the people in the shot don’t mind), in fact, we love your social media posts! However, we always ask to please wash your hands each and every time after you use your phone. Thank you!

How do I sign up for Classes? Do you offer discounts?

Thanks for your interest in signing up. We’d love to cook with you! Sign-ups for class are online, and the process is easy:

Go to hipcooks.com & click on the Hipcooks Location nearest you. Click on “Class Schedule” on the left-hand-side menu bar. From there, find a class you like and click on the “Details / Sign me up!” button for registration. You can add the class to your Shopping Cart and checkout when you’re ready. (Note that the system will time out after several minutes without checking out.)

Occasionally we offer a special deal for a class, and the way to find out about it is through the Hipcooks Newsletter. We'll only send you recipes, offers & deals (never more than once a week). 


Can I bring a friend/my spouse (just to observe)? 

Only paid reservation holders are allowed. Our list price is a per person price. We do not permit observers to be present, as the class is fully dedicated to class participants only.

Don’t be shy about coming to class alone – many people do! It’s a lovely way to meet people in the community.


May I bring my child to class? / Do you offer kid's cooking classes?

Note that a minor child brought to class without pre-approval may be turned away.

You'll see from our website, at sign-up, that no minors (under 18 years of age)  are allowed. We do make exceptions - when you have a mature child over the age of 10, accompanied by an adult, and with prior permission from Hipcooks. Evening classes are generally not appropriate for children, but we'll consider giving special permission for a daytime weekend class (like our Pasta in Casa class). Please note that when you obtain special permission to bring a child, that child must have a paid reservation to attend. To obtain permission, kindly email the studio you wish to attend, include the child's age and class that you are interested in attending. We'll get back to you in short order!

At this point in time, we do not offer kid's cooking classes as Public Classes. This is for a host of reasons, including liability (think open-flame and use of large knives), and sophisticated menus with wine pairings. Our teaching island stands tall (at adult-height). Mealtime conversations promote social time for adults, so even with prior permission to bring a child to class, you must be aware of our environment and accept responsibility for your child's behavior.

We do offer kid's cooking classes as Private Classes. We've had some delightful Pasta classes for teens and pre-teens, and are happy to strike a conversation to see if Hipcooks is appropriate for your group.

In general, Hipcooks is a cooking school that caters to adults, not children. More appropriate classes specifically geared towards kids might be available in your area. Regardless if Hipcooks is the choice for your child, we are delighted that you're fostering your child's interest in the kitchen. They're sure to enjoy a lifetime of healthy eating with your support!


How do I use a Hipcooks Gift Certificate?

Easy! Please sign up for a class you like online: Go to the Hipcooks Location nearest you from hipcooks.com. Click on “Class Schedule” on the left-hand-side menu bar. From there, find a class you like and click on the “Details / Sign me up!” button for registration. From there, you’ll be able to add the class to your Shopping Cart. At Checkout, the system will prompt you to pay with a Gift Certificate. Enter the code, hit “Update” and we’re cooking with gas! (If you have multiple GCs, hit the update button after you enter each one.) Any remaining balance will be attached to your code.  Be sure to hit the Check Out button to complete your registration! If not, your registration for class will not be complete, and your sign-up will not be received.

Please log in to “My Hipcooks” to access your Gift Certificate numbers and your Gift Certificate balances.

Hipcooks Gift Certificates are valued at purchase price (even though your GC might say "good for 1 spot"). Our GCs never expire, however, occasionally class prices are increased and your GC value might not meet the entire cost of the class. Therefore,  you may expect to make up the price difference via payment (i.e. $5 or $10).


My credit card keeps getting declined at Checkout! I'm seeing a double-charge for Hipcooks transactions.

This will happen if the billing address you entered does not exactly match the billing address that appears on your credit card statement. Fraud detectors these days are something fierce, thank goodness! So, if your card is repeatedly declining, double check your billing address and make sure it is a perfect match. Additionally, we are not set up for international credit cards (cards outside the USA).

If your card keeps getting declined, despite your efforts, or if you only have an international card, we have options! Please email us for Paypal instructions, or, in special circumstances we can take your card over the telephone and run it through our POS system. Failing all of that, a check will work — we'll confirm your purchase once the deposit goes through. All can be resolved over email and we're here to help!

Declined transactions may show up on your credit card statement (particularly if you check online), but note these charges are only temporary. They disappear quickly, never more than a matter of a few days, and will not show up on your billing statement. Please note there is nothing we can do about that, these temporary charges are from your bank to us (we decline that payment), so it is up to your bank to release those funds. 

How do I access the Recipes from the class I took?

Your Hipcooks Class recipes are always available to you under your MyHipcooks account.  You can access your MyHipcooks page using the same email address that you signed up for class with - your Recipes are linked that way. Here are directions how to do it!